I have FAITH that I will one day achieve the success that I so desire.

I have HOPE for all people with autism and disabilities that they can be inspired to show the world they have abilities.
I have CHARITY to promote the causes of those who are in need.
Some say I am an Autistic Savant because music comes easily to me, but I work hard at it. I take voice lessons, and practice, practice. I also take Zumba classes.
With brick roads through
And peace to remain
That's behind the moon
And beyond the rain.
                                        - MJ Valcour
I was spiritually moved to write this poem.
It just came to me.

I am a contributor. I have sung inspirational songs for endless charities, from San Francisco to Hollywood, and Nashville. I sang with Huey Lewis ...

and Frank D'Ambrosia (the longest performing "phantom" in "Phantom of the Opera").

People tell me that I have a fantastic voice and touch their souls when I sing. They love to hear me sing. I love to sing! It is my only path to the normal world. I received many awards for my performances and giving of myself.

            Michael with Stan Truffle, comedian,  

            Actors for Autism, Hollywood     

I am told that classical music best shows the extent of my vocal talent, but my passion is Christian Rock. I love performers like Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. Because of them I wrote my own Christian Rock songs. I am working on a CD of my original work. I like David Cassidy too, and other 70's rock singers. Some of my favorite groups are: The Beatles, The Jackson 5 and The Osmond Brothers. My CD will also include classical, Christian and popular rock songs.l;lm

Ask me to sing for you!

I'm hoping to meet people who will suggest places for me to sing.
I  am also casting about for connections in the Christian Rock Community.

Hear me sing the
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(Michael Valcour Sings)
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