Fan Mail

Recommendation of Michael Valcour for Matrix Bridge Builder Award
by Madelyn Kahn
Special Day Class Teacher
Marin County Office of Education
Michael has been faithfully visiting my Non-Severely Handicapped Special Day Class (previously a Grades 1 & 2 class, now a Grades 2-5 class) weekly for several years, bringing his guitar, handsome voice, and enthusiasm for music with him. Michael very positively impacts the students he encounters. He not only helps the children learn a large variety of songs, but also incorporates activities that promote self-esteem and cooperation with others. Michael is encouraging to students and is very patient with them. Michael puts a lot of effort into getting the students to participate and feels good about their participation. He takes time to help the children he is working with to adjust to him and his expectations. Michael has truly been an asset to my classroom's overall educational program. Through music and conquering many of his own limitations, Michael has inspired others to overcome their apprehensions and has been an example showing that dedication, hard work, and a love of people can push almost any rain cloud out of the way and let the sun shine through.

Rose Resnick Light-House for the Blind and Visually Impaired 100th Birthday Ceremony
Michael Valcour is a young man with sutism and a love of music. He has developed into an impressive baritone and is amazing audiences from San Francisco to Sacramento. Jeff Paul, his accompaninist, graduated from the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco. His is currently employed with the Music Department at the College of Marin.

Letter from Marin Theatre Company
Dear Kathleen and Michael,
Thank you so much for making our talk on autism such a huge success. Your contribution was very insightful and informative, highlighted by Michael's beautiful singing voice. You both brought much to the event. Thank you for making the trip down from Sacramento.

Letter from Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent of Schools, Marin County, September, 2001
Dear Michael,
I was so honored to be invited to your Vocal Recital [at the College of Marin] and I enjoyed it immensely! You have a wonderful musical capability and I want you to know that it was such fun to be in the audience and know that I had worked with you as a student.

You made your parents so very proud and I hope you are proud of your accomplishments too. Keep that voice "singing and bringing" enjoyment to all who hear it.

Mary Jane Burke

Easter Seals award event, held in his honor